About Us

Scott Cahall, Founder & Optical Designer/Engineer

Scott is a lens designer and an optical engineer.  He spent much of his career at Corning Precision Lens, Eastman Kodak Company, and Jenoptik working on a wide variety of projects including mobile phone cameras, biomedical instruments, 3-D machine vision systems, consumer and professional-grade projectors, motion picture film scanners, heads-up & near-eye displays, and film & digital cameras, among others. 

In late 2007, Scott formed Moondog Optics, Inc., an optical/mechanical design house serving small and large companies around the world.  In that time, he has been a key contributor to projects which were featured in Nature, listed as a “Must-Have Product” in Popular Science, and honored as one of the “50 Best Inventions of the Year” by Time.  He regularly serves on professional committees, including the most recent International Optical Design Conference.  He is a named inventor on about 10 patents, with several others pending. 


John Griffith, Vice President

John joined Moondog Optics in January 2013.  Since joining Moondog, he has worked extensively on optics for consumer electronics and biomedical applications.  For several years prior to joining Moondog Optics, John was vice president for optical engineering at DigitalOptics Corporation (Tessera Technologies) and held technical management positions at VistaPoint Technology (Flextronics International).  At these companies, he managed global optical engineering teams and worked extensively with lens suppliers to deliver cameras and lenses for very high volume consumer electronic products.   From 1996 to 2006, John managed the optical and opto-mechanical design group at Eastman Kodak and before that he worked for many years as an optical engineer at Kodak.  John has done engineering for over three decades and holds about twenty patents related to optical design and optical technology.  John’s engineering work has spanned optical parts with diameters from 150 um to 4 meters fabricated from glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, photo-resist, and liquid materials.


Heidi Hall, PhD, Director of Engineering

Heidi joined Moondog Optics in January 2014.  Prior to Moondog Optics, Heidi was Senior Engineering Manager at DigitalOptics (Tessera Technologies) and Director of Optics / Senior Staff Optical Engineer at VistaPoint Technology (Flextronics International).  In those roles, she was responsible for camera module and lens development for very high volume consumer electronics products.  Prior to that, she was with Jenoptik, Carestream Health, and Eastman Kodak in senior engineering roles developing imaging and non-imaging systems for medical devices and consumer products. 

Heidi has particular expertise in extending the capabilities of Zemax through macros and external programs to enable custom and complex system analysis.  She brings illumination design and stray light analysis expertise to our capabilities.  In addition to her design and engineering activities, Heidi also manages Moondog’s newly established testing service, including our Trioptics ImageMaster Pro 4 for MTF measurements. 


Georg Nadorff, Senior Optical Engineer

Georg joined Moondog Optics in March 2016.  Georg’s passion for lens design, optical system analysis, and metrology is evident in his thirty year career in optics. His extensive practical and theoretical expertise spans the technical-optics spectrum from precision lens design, to photonics, to high volume manufacture of consumer opto-electronics, and now comes full-circle in assisting customers with their optical design requirements.

Prior to Moondog, Georg was Principal Optical Engineer at Melles Griot for 15 years.  There he was responsible for all aspects of optical engineering, supporting product development of custom OEM diffraction-limited optical assemblies and electro-optical modules for Semiconductor, Bio-medical/life sciences, and Machine Vision markets.  From 1990 to 2001 Georg held positions at Rochester Photonics Corporation, Bausch & Lomb, and Leica, where he worked in such diverse fields as developing diffractive optical elements, diamond turned optics, visual systems and eyewear, and the early stages of autonomous vehicles with automotive laser rangefinders for intelligent cruise control systems.  Georg started his career at Gradient Lens Corporation as an optical consultant, after obtaining his degrees in optical engineering from the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics.


Mark Bridges, Senior Opto-Mechanical Designer

Mark joined Moondog Optics in February 2012.  Prior to Moondog, Mark was with Eastman Kodak and Carestream Health in senior and lead design roles for a very wide variety of systems. 

Mark’s early work included design for consumer cameras, scanners, projectors, and LED print engines.  A few of Mark’s more recent projects include a 3D viewer for use in the O.R. during laparoscopic surgery, a structured light dental camera, multi-spectral illumination sources used in molecular imaging, autostereoscopic 3D projection systems including immersive display with infrared eye tracking and head-mounted systems, and polarization-based 3D laser cinema projectors. 

Mark has particular expertise in mechanism design, industrial design, and creative problem-solving, and is a key contributor to many of our consumer and biomedical projects.  He holds 25 patents with others pending. 


William Goosey, Consulting Optical Designer

Bill has been involved in optics for over 35 years.  He spent the first half of his career as the lead optical coating development engineer at Eastman Kodak.  In the second half of his Kodak career, he worked as an optical product designer – eventually becoming the company’s leading expert on zoom lens design.  Many of his designs were built into Kodak’s consumer cameras, printers, copiers, and scanners.  He is currently in the third half of his career at Moondog Optics.

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